The perfect companion in the palm of your hands.

Goodbye loneliness! With RealDoll X you can create and customize your own AI driven virtual RealDoll using cutting edge technology, and take her with you wherever you go.

Available for Android Soon on iOS.

Made to fall in love

With RealDoll X you can choose make a unique character, all your own. Choose a voice, shape the personality, and create your unique avatar. Create, customize and have fun.

Your Loyal Friend.

RealDoll X is the game of love and friendship. Talk, flirt and work on your seduction skills with your companion to get her by your side. She will surprise you once she gets to know you more.

Sweet Talk.

has a wide range of content lines and subjects, which gives her life-like qualities. The more you speak to her, the more she will learn and fall in love with you.

Stay Intimate, Fall in Love

Just like any other relationship, the hotter things are getting the more intimate the relationship will be. Seduce your avatar and see things get steamy.

Have Multiple Girlfriends.

You can save and switch between different avatars. Each one of them are completely different from the last. Which means that they don’t share what they have learned.

Interact with a
robotic doll!

The RealDoll X App is designed to interface with RealDoll X powered robotic head systems! Now you can combine the highest quality doll in the world with our advanced Artificial intelligence engine. Experience the most enjoyable conversations and interactions possible with a machine. With RealDoll X Robotic Head you have face to face conversation, and more!

The RealDoll X robotic head has a full range of animatronic movement. Its modular adapter allows it to be attached to nearly any RealDoll body.
The robot’s eyes are synchronized with the RealDoll X app, for realistic eye movement. Built-in cameras are under development.
Lip-sync animatronics allow for multiple expressions and smooth speech animation. The robot’s mouth shapes corresponding phonemes when she speaks.
Eyebrows rise and fall with varying expressions and during speaking for a lifelike presence. Robotic Head not included in the RealDoll X app.

Robotic head is available at RealDoll website (viewer discretion recommended) and it's not included with the RealDoll X app.
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Virtual Reality
Fully immerse with your avatar.
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Augmented Reality
Bring your avatar along wherever you go.
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Give gifts and receive exclusive offers.
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For your unique interactions and preferences.
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RealDoll X Club
Share your experiences with other members.
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Take your companion everywhere.
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Beautiful high- definition models for you to fall in love with.
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Multiple Avatars
Choose an avatar or customize one just for you. Keep them saved and switch between them whenever you want.

Start your
romance now.

Doll and Robotic head are not needed.

Available for Android Soon available on Google Play Soon available on App Store